Market Evaluation and Pricing

European market access is complex and challenging for medical technology companies. IGES Medtech provides comprehensive support based on scientific approach and the experience of its local expert teams in Germany, France and the UK.

Market access used to be defined in terms of reimbursement and pricing. Today, however, payers, providers and regulators are increasingly looking at new types of data and evidence when assessing price and value - especially for innovative products.

Therefore, meeting the criteria that payers, providers and regulators establish in this evaluation is critical for successful market access. In addition, it is essential to ensure that the medical device remains commercially successful throughout its lifecycle by monitoring pricing and market access trends within Europe.

IGES Medtech experts provide support in identifying and proving the value of an innovative medical device. This can speed up the time to market for new and innovative products and help negotiate appropriate prices.

We support with:

  • General assessment of the European markets
  • Product-specific assessment of the outpatient and inpatient market potential of individual European markets
  • Economic modeling solutions based on real world data
  • Strategies to engage payers and providers
  • Country-specific assessments of regulatory status on market development
  • Pricing and price negotiation support

Reimbursement of Medical Devices in Germany

Our guide explains the basic principles of the German reimbursement system and gives an overview of the German market and healthcare system.

We have up-dated our guide in 2023, please find the most recent developments about reimbursement of medical devices in Germany and current market access data here:


Reimbursement of Medical Devices in Germany