Health Technology Assessment (HTA)

Most European countries have Health Technology Assessment (HTA) agencies that perform medical-economic evaluation of novel medical devices. Manufacturers of such devices must submit evidence to these agencies so that the device can be included in the reimbursement catalog after the successful evaluation. In addition, there are often alternative ways to reimburse a product at the expense of public health systems.

IGES Medtech experts provide comprehensive advice on:


  • Europe-wide assessment of reimbursement options
  • Evaluation of different reimbursement options within a European country
  • Reimbursement in the context of parallel importation
  • Preparation of HTA dossiers (including global value dossiers)
  • Preparation and attendance of hearings in HTA procedures
  • Preparation of various national reimbursement applications for medical devices in the outpatient and inpatient sector
  • Special reimbursement pathways for combined products (pharmaceutical product and medical device)
  • Reimbursement options for digital health solutions (digital therapeutics, “app-on-prescription”)

Reimbursement of Medical Devices in Germany

Our guide explains the basic principles of the German reimbursement system and gives an overview of the German market and healthcare system.

We have up-dated our guide in 2023, please find the most recent developments about reimbursement of medical devices in Germany and current market access data here:


Reimbursement of Medical Devices in Germany