Webinar: Engineering Health Care Solutions: Future of Engineers and Technology in the NHS

Expert: Michael Branagan-Harris: CEO, Device Access

Healthcare services across the globe are under increasing technical, financial, societal and political pressures, regardless of size or wealth of the nation. These pressures are being driven by rapidly changing population demographics and the inexorable advancement of medical technology that has enabled previously intractable conditions to be treated.

The pace of change across healthcare provision is expected to accelerate in the coming years particularly in light of the current pandemic. This level of rapid change will require comprehensive strategies from Governments, regulatory authorities and healthcare providers to allow for timely development, evaluation, implementation and regulation of life-saving technologies. While challenging, such pressures often create new opportunities for better, safer and more universally accessible care, which the engineering community, alongside clinicians, is well placed to tackle.

Healthcare engineers are already directly engaged in the patient care pathway, but they are often not recognized for their contributions or given the opportunity to take greater ownership of the implementation processes of technology where they could have long term and wide-ranging impact. To address this the Institution of Mechanical Engineers are releasing two complementary policy reports. These reports focus on elevating the healthcare engineering workforce to have greater levels of responsibility and autonomy. In return this will enable them to drive technology adoption across healthcare providers; ensuring that patients benefit from appropriately sourced devices that are fit for purpose and cost effective.

This webinar will outline the recommendations from the two reports and will be followed by a panel Q&A with experts from across the healthcare and medtech sectors.

Organizer: Institution of Mechanical Engineers

Date: September 3, 2020

For more information, please contact Device Access’s team: info@deviceaccess.iges.com