Device Access

Device Access supports inventors introducing innovative medical technologies to the UK. Established in 2010 and based in Southampton, UK, Device Access has supported over 45 technologies though NICE approvals as well as helped its clients accelerate hospital reimbursement quicker via hospital dossiers and budget impact models.

Device Access holds a license with NHS Digital to be able to access over 1 billion electronic individual patient datasets to understand how patients are treated today and to help understand the beneficial impact of a new technology on them, as we’ll as the hospital and payer.

Device Access also holds a license with NICE to provide a MedTech Early Technology Assessment Service, known as NICE META Tool, to help its clients understand the evidence gaps and requirements for future NICE evaluations.

Device Access provides medical device inventors with comprehensive support, covering the entire lifecycle of an innovation. The support includes:

Understanding the current situation

Coding and reimbursement analysis

  • Does your technology fall within an existing reimbursement code facilitating immediate reimbursement and if so, how much money is available to treat each patient?
  • Patient pathway analysis
  • What is the current patient pathway and how many patients could benefit from your technology in country specific reimbursement systems?
  • Reimbursement strategy
  • How can you optimize the cost of your technology through different reimbursement pathways?

Hospital market access

Hospital cost model

  • What is the overall value of your technology to the local healthcare provider?

Development of local hospital value dossiers

  • What is the current patient pathway and how many patients could benefit from your technology in country specific reimbursement systems?
  • Hepisodes Platform - A new service to help MedTech companies understanding current individual hospital waiting list volumes and historic hospital procedure volumes across all NHS England hospitals

National approval through NICE

Preparation and filing of the NICE HTA application

  • Pre-NICE engagement and evidence assessment via NICE META Tool service
  • Application and submission though HealthTech Connect portal
  • Development and submission of Cost Consequence Model
  • Submission of Systematic Literature Reviews (SLR) of clinical and economic evidence
  • Fast-track journal publications of health economic value

For more information, please contact Device Access:

Device Access
University of Southampton
Science Park, Chilworth, Hampshire
England SO16 7NS
United Kingdom
T: +44 2380 118 300

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